Mr. President, This Is Lynching

I debated on whether I should write this post or not. But after thinking it over, I could not stay silent. I had to share my thoughts on the President’s latest tweet. I know I might lose some followers and maybe a few friends for sharing this post. That’s okay, I am a big boy.

For those of you who have not been checking your Twitter feed today, the President sent out a tweet comparing what he is currently dealing with politically to lynching. Of course, he later shared he was not referring to the dark period in American history. I have already seen several of his supporters rushing to his defense. All I can say is shame on anyone who defends the President’s tweet. Even if the President accidentally used a poor choice of words, he must know better. He is the President of the United States. That includes everyone.

Mr. President and everyone who is defending his latest tweet, let me give you a lesson in American History 101. Between 1877 and 1950, there are 4,075 documented cases of African-Americans being lynched in America (Equal Justice Initiative). Towns used to hold “Lynching Days” after church on Sunday’s. Some towns even publicized it in the local newspaper. African-Americans could be lynched for simply walking down the street. A lot of victims of lynching were burned afterwards. Mr. President that is Lynching. I would suggest you and those defending your latest tweet, visit The Legacy Museum and Memorial in Montgomery, Alabama. My wife and I visited last year. Our lives will never be the same. My wife and I actually met a family who’s great-grandfather was a victim of lynching. His crime? He had the audacity to ask a white man to pay him for completing work on the man’s home. How dare he!

So Mr. President and those defending him, that is your history lesson on lynching in America. I would encourage each of you, to step away from social media for a moment and read up on this dark period of America’s history.

For those who are offended by my post, please reach out to me. Let’s sit down and have a civil conversation. I would love to recommend some books on lynching in America. Maybe we can actually meet at The Legacy Museum and Memorial in Montgomery. I plan on visiting again next year. ~OC


Where Is The Love?

In the past 24 hours, I have read about a Christian Speaker attacking another Christian Speaker and a Christian Author attacking another Christian Author. Both have saddened me. When did it become okay for Christians to attack other Christians? Oh wait, that has been going on since the beginning of time. It still breaks my heart. Where is the love?

There is amazing power when Christians are united. I would encourage my brothers and sisters in Christ to read the Book of Acts again. It is a beautiful blue print on how Christians should treat other Christians. How we should be united.

I pray we will stop these petty attacks. Let us be aware that the world is looking at us and shaking their heads in disgust. We must remember that the enemy will use the temptation of pride and self-righteousness to divide the Church. We must stand united for Jesus.

Please know, I am not saying there cannot be disagreements within the Church and among Christians. When there is a clear disregard for the scriptures and Jesus teachings, we must speak up. I welcome healthy dialogue among Christians. What I don’t care for is publicly attacking fellow Christians over petty disagreements. God created each of us with unique differences, but still in His beautiful image. We should celebrate those differences and not let them divide us.

My prayer is that God’s children will stop looking for ways to attack each other and start truly living out the Book of Acts. That the world will see a united Church and not a divided  one. I pray you will join me on this journey. ~OC





For the past 17.5 years, I have spent countless hours at doctors appointments, treatment centers & the hospital. During those times, I have had the privilege to talk with hurting people experiencing life changing moments. I have had the honor to pray for people who wouldn’t see another year. I have rejoiced with those who experienced a miracle in their medical journey. I have never taken one of those moments for granted. None of those precious moments have been about me. God placed me in those moments to hopefully encourage someone. The truth is, most of the time I have been the one walking away feeling encouraged. Never miss the opportunity to encourage someone. It could be life changing. ~OC

God Don’t Make Junk

I apologize to all the English teachers out there. I just have to be real with this message. God Don’t Make Junk!

As we travel this crazy beautiful journey, sometimes we look at our current circumstances and think God cannot use our mess. Our junk. How can He use a man with a broken down body? How can God use the addict? How can He use the divorced person? How can God use the person that just keeps screwing up? Have you ever felt like junk? I know I have.

During those moments of brokenness, we need to seek after God. Because the world will tell us we’re worthless. That we are broken. That we are junk. Please do not believe the lies. God made each of us for a wonderful purpose in life. Our mistakes and brokenness make us stronger. Our past failures help us find our true purpose in life.

As you walk this crazy beautiful journey, I pray you will remember God don’t make junk- so we need to be living like our lives are masterpieces. There are storms we will face along the journey, but there are also many blessings. Keep striving to be the masterpiece God has created. ~OC


Life is defined by our relationships. Some of our past and current relationships bring a smile to our face. They conjure up great memories. Then there are some relationships that bring pain when they come to mind. Relationships matter.

God is all about relationships. He desires to have a relationship with each of us. God allowed Jesus to come down from heaven to have a relationship with each of us. A way to be forgiven for our past and future sins. A path to truly live a life full of forgiveness. Forgiveness allows us to deal with relationships from our past. Acceptance lets us connect with relationships in our amazing future.

Relationships can be messy, but they can also offer us a beautiful gift. ~OC

The Blessed Life

Today’s a new day! Do not ever feel sorry for me because of my crazy beautiful health journey. I view this journey as an opportunity to get life right. The blessings have far outweighed the negatives. I plan on Staying Focused and Finishing Strong. ~OC

Meeting One Of My Heroes

I grew up a Cincinnati Reds fans. I was blessed to grow up in the era of The Big Red Machine. My favorite player was #5 Johnny Bench. The greatest catcher to ever play the game. So of course, I always played catcher and wore #5. I was determined to be the next Johnny Bench.

Fast forward a few decades and I never did become the next Johnny Bench. So far, nobody else has either. I am still a huge Reds fan and Mr. Bench is still my favorite all time player.

Laura and I are blessed that several of our dear friends are neighbors with Mr. Bench. They have made it their mission to let this Johnny Bench fan meet his hero. And last night was the night.

I know several people who have met their childhood hero and been disappointed. The person just didn’t measure up to who they thought their hero would be. So I was a little nervous meeting my childhood hero.

I met Mr. Bench has he walked in from a golf tournament he was hosting. The fundraiser was for my friends school for at-risk students called Believers Academy ( The school is doing amazing work. My friends had invited Laura and I to attend the auction that would raise money for this amazing school located in West Palm Beach, Florida.

I have to say, I was not disappointed in meeting Mr. Bench. He was one of the nicest people I have ever met. Our friends had arranged for us to sit at Mr. Bench’s table. I do not believe Mr. Bench has ever met a stranger. He treated everyone he met with respect. I was most impressed with how well he treated the staff at PGA National, where the event was held. Mr. Bench is truly a class act.

I hope if you ever get to meet one of your heroes, they will not disappoint you. I can honestly say, I walked away from my encounter with Mr. Bench a bigger fan. Go Reds! ~OC

From Heaven

Today’s a new day! This crazy/beautiful journey is not about me. It’s not to show you how strong I am, for my strength comes from God. It’s not to show you how great my faith is, for my faith is a gift from God…exactly at the time I need it. Anything you see in me that is good is not of my doing… it’s from Heaven. ~OC

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