Lean In…And Get Uncomfortable

As I scroll through social media and watch the news, I see a lot of pain and injustice in the African American community. I see my brothers and sisters hurting. It breaks my heart. At times it can seem overwhelming. I asked myself, how in the world can I make a difference? Can anybody relate? Even though I cannot do everything, I can do something. So, I have decided I will continue to stand up and do everything I can to help end racism in America. I will continue to lean in..,and get uncomfortable.

I will continue have real conversations about racism in America, with people wanting to truly make a difference in this world. Not just talk about the issues, but take real action. I will surround myself with others who want to fight the sin of racism. I will continue to get educated. I will continue to listen to my brothers and sisters of color, as they share their experiences. I will lean in..,and get uncomfortable. I will continue to take the time to see the pain of my brothers and sisters of color. I will not pass them by with a “I’ll pray for you.” No, I will stop and pray for them in that moment. I will not allow my brothers and sisters to walk through this unjust world alone. I will lean in…and get uncomfortable. I will continue to have uncomfortable conversations with my white brothers and sisters who believe racism is not a major problem in America today (That is a whole other blog). I will proudly stand up and say #Black Lives Matter. I will continue to challenge my white brothers and sisters to step out of their comfort zones, and sit down with people of color and truly listen to their life experiences. I will encourage them to study African American history and visit African American museums. I will continue to confront racism when I see it. I will continue to speak out against injustices even when it’s not popular. I will lean in…and get uncomfortable. I encourage you to join me. ~OC


Today’s a new day! Slow down today. Share a smile and kind word. Show grace when it would be easier to judge. Show love even if hate is thrown your way. Do not miss out on a beautiful interruption. Take time and embrace the moments you will experience today. I pray your day is filled with amazing moments and God’s blessings. ~OC

Keep Talking

Today’s a new day! Just because most of the media has jumped to other stories, do not stop having true and meaningful conversations about racism and injustice in America. It’s still real and still happening. Keep the conversations going. ~OC

The Madness

Today’s a new day! My brothers and sisters in Christ, maybe our prayers should be less God rescue us from all this madness and more God please use us during this madness. ~OC


Today’s a new day! Don’t allow a toxic culture to destroy a Godly vision. ~OC

Peace and Love

This year has been filled with a lot of hate. Turn on the news. Check in on social media. It is hard to escape all the hate we encountered this year.

As we close the chapter on 2019, I want to put out a challenge for 2020I. I challenge each of us to seek Peace & Love as we enter a new decade. Let our hearts be filled with Peace & Love. Let our words be filled with Peace & Love. Let our actions be filled with Peace & Love. Let our social media pages be filled with Peace & Love. Let our homes be filled with Peace & Love. Let our workplaces be filled with Peace & Love. Let our neighborhoods be filled with Peace & Love. Let our places of worship be filled with Peace & Love. This challenge may not always be easy, but I believe it can be accomplished. Why? Because we get to choose Peace & Love. Each day we make the choice how we will treat people. Each day we make the choice how we let people treat us. Let us make 2020 the year Peace & Love reigns. Are you up for the challenge? ~OC

Adopt A School Challenge

Good morning. How many of you pass by a school each day? Maybe you drop your child off at school or you pass by a school on your way to work. I am sure at some point in your day or week you pass by a school. Starting today as you pass by that school, I want you to adopt that school. Wait. What? Let me explain.

As you make your way to work or out running errands, I want to encourage you to pray for the school(s) you pass by each day. Just a small prayer of blessings and protection for the students, teachers, administrators and staff. We all know how tough school can be. Our schools need prayer. It doesn’t have to be a long prayer. Just spend 30 seconds praying for the needs of that school. I truly believe it could be life changing. Who’s up for this challenge?

The school in the photo is my old high school Twin Lakes High School in West Palm Beach, Florida. ~OC

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