Thank You, Dr. King

On this day, we celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Long after his death, Dr. King’s words and actions continue to inspire us. They continue to challenge us.

Today we take time to remember this amazing man of peace. Dr. King truly lived out the words he wrote and spoke. His words live on, some of the most meaningful ever spoken.

During this time of unrest in our world, I encourage you to stop and reflect on Dr. King’s words. To put those words in action. To come together and live out The Dream. Thank you Dr. King. ~OC

Never, Never Give Up

At some point during our various journeys we get to a point where we feel like giving up. Sometimes we give up before we even start and other times we give up just before that big break-through.

Here is a list of reasons why we should never give up. I hope it encourages someone.

You Have Purpose: As long as your alive you have purpose. Sometimes the storm you’re going through is preparing you for your purpose. I can honestly say my health journey gave me real purpose in life.

You Are Strong: You are so much stronger than you think. Don’t allow a setback to stop you from achieving all that God has in store for you. I would have never completed all my marathons, if I had given up when my body and mind said stop.

Your Family and Friends: Let those close to you be your inspiration and motivation to keep pushing forward. My wife, family and friends encourage me to keep fighting.

There Are People Worse Off: Right now people are dealing with storms we could never imagine going through. When you are going through a tough time, think about that family member or friend that is pushing through a storm and not giving up.

Improve Your World: Use your life to make a difference where God has you planted. God has allowed me to be a Missionary at doctors offices and hospitals. To be an Encourager.

Ignore The Haters: You will encounter haters during your journey. That’s just life. Some people just enjoy tearing down others. Don’t allow them to rent space in your life. Keep being you.

Reach Out to Others: We cannot do life alone. Please don’t try. When the storms are raging, reach out for help. I am always here to help anyone I can.

Inspire Others: Be an inspiration by never giving up. The journey might not be easy, but it’s worth fighting through the tough times. You never know how your story of overcoming, might encourage someone else not to give up. ~OC

God’s Tears

As I continue to pray for America, I imagine God bowing his head in sadness. His tears flowing as so many people who call themselves Christians, act with such hatred and meanness. They seem to have forgotten the beautiful scriptures about loving their neighbors. All Neighbors! The Liberal Neighbor. The Conservative Neighbor. The Homeless Neighbor. The Addicted Neighbor. The LGBTQ Neighbor. The Incarcerated Neighbor. The Immigrant Neighbor. The Depressed Neighbor. The Disabled Neighbor. The Atheist Neighbor. The Black Neighbor. The White Neighbor. The Hispanic Neighbor. The Asian Neighbor. The Middle-Eastern Neighbor. The Native-American Neighbor. The Neighbor of a Different Faith. The..,,, Neighbor.

Think about the sadness God feels looking down on America and seeing all the hatred and division. His heart breaks. Does your heart break? Mine does. So, I will continue to share love. Speak out against hate and violence. I will continue to pray. ~OC

Never Leave Our Side

When we walk through the storms of life, you reach out your hand and call us by name. Never leaving our side. You fill our broken hearts with your amazing love and grace. Never leaving our side. You fill our lives with joy and laughter. Never leaving our side. Whenever we call on your name, you fill the room with your amazing presence. Never leaving our side. You fill our hearts with beautiful dreams and purpose. Never leaving our side. Your there to protect us when the storms get rough. Never leaving our side. Our strong tower when we walk through the storms of life. Never leaving our side. Always holding our hand. Never leaving our side. Dear God, keep walking through the storms of life with us. Never leave our side. ~OC

Connect: My Word For 2021

Each year God gives me a word for the year. The word God has given me for 2021 is Connect. What word has God given you for 2021?

Connect with Jesus. Connect with family and friends. Connect with strangers. Connect with all those Jesus brings my way. We were created for relationships and connecting with others is vital for living a victorious 2021. Happy New Year! ~OC

My Christmas Prayer

Dear Jesus, I offer this humble prayer as I celebrate your birth. I come to worship with a song of thanks, a song of redemption and love. I pray for joy in my heart, hope in You, love to forgive, peace and unity upon the world. I ask for the salvation of all my family and friends. I pray your beautiful blessings on all people. I pray you would comfort the hungry, broken, homeless, heal the sick, protect all healthcare workers, first responders and those in the military. I pray you bless me with your wisdom. I pray you would continue to fill me with the Holy Spirit. I pray you would give me a servants heart. I pray all this in the matchless name of Jesus Christ. Amen. ~OC

Jesus and Judas

During a time where people are ending friendships because they disagree about politics, I will choose to stay friends.

During a time where people are ending friendships based on different religious beliefs, I will choose to stay friends.

During a time where people are ending friendships based on different skin color and culture, I will choose to stay friends.

During a time where people are ending friendships based on different beliefs about the pandemic, I will choose to stay friends.

During a time where people are ending friendships based on someone’s sexual orientation, I will choose to stay friends.

I could continue giving examples, but I hope you get the point. I do not have to agree or like someone’s opinion or belief system to be their friend. I can just respectfully disagree. I can also have respectful conversations with them. I can continue to pray for them. I can continue to love them.

I often think about Jesus and Judas Iscariot from the Bible. Jesus knew the day he met Judas, that Judas would betray him. The smart thing would have been for Jesus to not even start a friendship with Judas. But what did Jesus do? He invited Judas into his inner circle. Jesus ate with Judas. Jesus engaged Judas in conversation. Jesus prayed for Judas. Jesus washed Judas feet on the night Judas betrayed him. Jesus loved Judas.

People are broken. Friends come with baggage. We can choose to discard those friends we disagree with or we can choose to love them. There is too much hate in this world. So, I will choose to love those I disagree with. Baggage and all. ~OC

Your Love

Dear Jesus, thank you for loving me since the beginning of time. You loved me before I took my first breath. You loved me before I ever loved you. You love me when I am unlovable. You love me when I don’t love others. You love me when I feel unloved. Your love keeps no wrongs. Your love is full of grace. I want to live my life has a testimony of your amazing love. Dear Jesus, show me where I fall short in loving you and others. Thank you dear Lord, that your love is everlasting. ~OC

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