Today’s a new day! I am still Godfidence as I walk through this season of health battles. I pray you will walk with Godfidence in every season. ~OC


Today’s a new day! As I think about sitting at the feet of Jesus for eternity, all my trials and worries seem so small. ~OC

Unity Prayer

Dear God, you have shared through your scriptures the importance of Unity. Today, I pray unity will flow out of us like a river. May it flow through our families, friends, communities, churches and the world. May unity be more than just a word. I pray unity will become a way of life. ~OC

Growth In The Valley

Today’s a new day! Dear Brothers and Sisters, do not be afraid to embrace the lessons learned from your in the valley moments. That is where real life changing growth happens. If we choose to only live for those mountaintop experiences, we will miss out on the incredible lessons God has for us down in the valley. Growth>Comfort. ~OC

Wonderful Grace

Today’s a new day! We can stand on the promises of God. They will pull us through the storms of life. God’s promises will fill us with his amazing peace when the days are dark. On days our strength is weak, we can fall on God’s amazing grace. Oh the wonderful grace of God. ~OC

Your Journey

Today’s a new day! I pray your journey would be filled with God’s amazing love and each of your steps would leave behind beautiful drops of His amazing grace. ~OC

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