Embrace Today

Today’s a new day! Yesterday is gone. Take the lessons learned and move on. Today is happening right now. Do not miss a precious moment and build some beautiful memories. Tomorrow is not promised. Do not waste today worrying about what might happen tomorrow. ~OC

Hand of God

Today’s a new day! It doesn’t matter what storm you are facing today, it still has to pass through the hands of God. ~OC

Be Smart, But Don’t Live In Fear

In an earlier post concerning the coronavirus, I shared I would not live in fear. That I would continue to live life. Several people reached out to me, sharing their concerns about my post. I want to ensure everyone that I am taking this crisis seriously. I will not knowingly put myself in danger. I will take the appropriate precautions as needed. I will stay updated on all the latest news. If I wake up with a fever or feel under the weather, I will stay home and check with my doctors. With that said, I will attend church this weekend if the doors are open. I will hang with friends if the opportunity presents itself.

I encourage everyone to make the best decisions for you and your family. If you are not feeling well, stay home. If you feel like you might have been exposed to the coronavirus, reach out to your doctor. Stay informed. Just don’t live in fear. ~OC

Not Living In Fear

All the major sports have closed down. Disney World has closed its gates. Universities and and Colleges are moving everything online. I wonder if movie theaters and malls will begin to close their doors? Will places of worship decide to close their doors? These are the questions we are asking ourselves as we walk through this season.

I understand the concern. We all need to make sure we are taking the proper precautions. But I for one, am not going to allow this virus from keeping me from living life. I am going to continue hanging out with friends. I am going to continue attending church. I am going to the movies, if there is something worth seeing. I will take precautions if needed. The thing I will not do is live in Fear. I did not live in fear during my 17.5 year crazy beautiful health journey. So, I will not live in fear as we face the coronavirus. I will live smart, but not in fear. ~OC

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