I often hear people say how sorry they are for me. I know they mean well. Heck, if my crazy beautiful journey belonged to someone else I might feel sorry for them. But that is because people are looking at my journey from the outside. If you take a closer look, this journey really is beautiful. This journey has brought me great insight to what is important in life. Let me say this, I was very happy before this health journey started. But this almost 18 year health journey has been more than just living. More than just surviving. It has been about thriving. Choosing to thrive after every bad medical report. Choosing to to thrive after every setback. Choosing to embrace every breath. Choosing to embrace and overcome the pain. Choosing to embrace every lesson learned. You see,I am not just surviving this crazy beautiful journey. I am finally getting life right. I’m thriving. ~OC

Difference Maker

I think we all want to make a difference in life. What does that look like? Here are a few simple things we can do to be a difference maker.

By Listening

By not Judging

By Forgiving

By Serving

By Respecting Others

By Simply Loving

Think about the difference we could make, if we just did these six simple things. ~OC

When Life Is Hard

We’ve all had some rough days. Maybe your rough days have turned into rough years.

As I have walked through my own crazy beautiful journey, I have experienced my share of rough days. Days where nothing seems to go right. Days where I just wanted to crawl back into bed (in my case, crawl up in my recliner). Those days can seem overwhelming at times. They can be stressful.

A season of health issues, relationship issues, financial issues or unemployment can seem overwhelming. During my health journey, I have learned a few lessons about dealing with the challenges of life. I pray you will find them encouraging and helpful.

Your Character. We cannot always control what happens to us in life, but we can always control how we react to the circumstances we face. During the rough moments of my journey, I have made the choice to stop complaining and instead thank God for my many blessings. Choosing to stay positive during those storms of life. Not always an easy choice, but it can be life changing. Our character should always be stronger than our circumstances.

Struggle to Strength. God can use every storm in life to make us stronger. To strengthen our faith. I know sometimes that is hard to see during the storm, but hold on. Our storms have a purpose.

God’s Plans are always perfect. God’s plans are almost always different than ours. Come on, we all think our plans are perfect in the moment. Sometimes we believe God’s plans for us are moving too slowly. Come on God, hurry up! Has anyone but me ever uttered those words? I would encourage each of us to slow down and be patient. Oh, that word Patience. Remember, God’s plan for our lives is always the perfect plan for our lives.

God is always with us. I know that is sometimes hard to believe, as we are holding on for dear life as we face another storm. But the minute you asked God into your life, he is always with you. Walking by your side as you navigate the crashing waves. If you have not asked God into your life, I pray today would be the day you make that incredible decision.

I pray these lessons help encourage you, as you walk through those tough moments in life. I also pray you will never walk your journey alone. Reach out to family or friends when facing those tough moments in life. Most importantly run to God and allow him to wrap his loving arms around you. ~OC





My Choice

Today’s a new day! It is easy to point,yell & judge. I want to be a person who encourages, loves & makes a difference. ~OC


God woke me up this morning with the word Revival on my heart. I believe we are beginning to see revival happening around us. I also believe God is going to use some unlikely places and people to bring revival. Should we be surprised by that? I do not think so. God used Jesus to change the world. If we look at Jesus resume, he was an unlikely candidate. Let us look at Jesus resume in today’s light.

Jesus Christ was born in a cave. Not really a great start according to the world.

Jesus was a carpenter.

Jesus was not a college graduate.

Jesus was a refugee.

Jesus never owned a home. No MTV Cribs Show for him.

Jesus was not not hanging out with the rich and famous. He would never have been interviewed by Robin Leach (Young folks google that one).

No 401k or pension for Jesus.

Jesus was definitely not jumping off the pages of GQ Magazine.

That is what Jesus resume looks like. By today’s standards not too impressive. But yet, this one man changed the world forever.

So has I thought about what God shared with me this morning, I thought about all the unlikely people God has used to share his word over the years. Most of the time, God has used common people who chose to be available. That is the kind of person I want to be. Available to serve God in any way he chooses.

I am excited to see how God is going to use common, but available people to help bring Revival. ~OC


I might be dealing with some pretty serious health issues, but I refuse to allow my health issues to become my identity. ~OC

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