Healing and Miracles

Prayer Warriors are needed to pray for a dear friend to experience a miracle. A group is meeting at Good Samaritan Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida this morning 11/7 at 9:30am. I know most people reading this cannot physically be there, but I ask that you would pray for my dear friend and her family at 9:30 this morning. Please feel free to share this with your family and friends. Thank you. ~OC

A Night of Miracles

Hello everyone. Last Sunday morning, God woke me up and shared this past week would be a week of Healing and Miracles. During the week, I also felt God calling for me to asked people to pray for my throat and stomach. As many of you know, I have not had an appetite for almost 4 years and have not been able to speak without the assistance of a voice amplifier for about 3 years.

Last night my wife Laura and I attended a Prayer and Healing Service. During the healing part of the night, God blessed me with an appetite and allowed me to talk without the assistance of my amplifier. God is so good. I am overwhelmed by His incredible love for me.

Since I had an appetite, a bunch of us decided to go celebrate Jesus. So the picture below is my first meal in 3 years. I was able to eat a little chicken salad and fries. I also had a few sips of sweet ice tea. I am thrilled to share, I did not choke or throw it up. That had been a major problem in the past.

I encourage everyone to never stop praying for Jesus to move in your life. You never know when the Holy Spirit is going to show up. Keep Believing in your Miracle. ~OC

My Choice

Today’s a new day! It is easy to point,yell & judge. I want to be a person who encourages, loves & makes a difference. ~OC

Where Is The Love?

In the past 24 hours, I have read about a Christian Speaker attacking another Christian Speaker and a Christian Author attacking another Christian Author. Both have saddened me. When did it become okay for Christians to attack other Christians? Oh wait, that has been going on since the beginning of time. It still breaks my heart. Where is the love?

There is amazing power when Christians are united. I would encourage my brothers and sisters in Christ to read the Book of Acts again. It is a beautiful blue print on how Christians should treat other Christians. How we should be united.

I pray we will stop these petty attacks. Let us be aware that the world is looking at us and shaking their heads in disgust. We must remember that the enemy will use the temptation of pride and self-righteousness to divide the Church. We must stand united for Jesus.

Please know, I am not saying there cannot be disagreements within the Church and among Christians. When there is a clear disregard for the scriptures and Jesus teachings, we must speak up. I welcome healthy dialogue among Christians. What I don’t care for is publicly attacking fellow Christians over petty disagreements. God created each of us with unique differences, but still in His beautiful image. We should celebrate those differences and not let them divide us.

My prayer is that God’s children will stop looking for ways to attack each other and start truly living out the Book of Acts. That the world will see a united Church and not a divided  one. I pray you will join me on this journey. ~OC




God Don’t Make Junk

I apologize to all the English teachers out there. I just have to be real with this message. God Don’t Make Junk!

As we travel this crazy beautiful journey, sometimes we look at our current circumstances and think God cannot use our mess. Our junk. How can He use a man with a broken down body? How can God use the addict? How can He use the divorced person? How can God use the person that just keeps screwing up? Have you ever felt like junk? I know I have.

During those moments of brokenness, we need to seek after God. Because the world will tell us we’re worthless. That we are broken. That we are junk. Please do not believe the lies. God made each of us for a wonderful purpose in life. Our mistakes and brokenness make us stronger. Our past failures help us find our true purpose in life.

As you walk this crazy beautiful journey, I pray you will remember God don’t make junk- so we need to be living like our lives are masterpieces. There are storms we will face along the journey, but there are also many blessings. Keep striving to be the masterpiece God has created. ~OC

From Heaven

Today’s a new day! This crazy/beautiful journey is not about me. It’s not to show you how strong I am, for my strength comes from God. It’s not to show you how great my faith is, for my faith is a gift from God…exactly at the time I need it. Anything you see in me that is good is not of my doing… it’s from Heaven. ~OC

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