My Neighbor

Dear God, please teach us to truly love our neighbors. Teach us to reach out to our neighbors in need. Teach us how to show grace to our neighbors. Teach us to show respect to our neighbors. Teach us to bless our neighbors. So, who is our neighbors?

The Homeless

Those With A Different Opions

The Refugee

The Person Who Speaks a Different Language

Those Of A Different Faith

The Single Mom or Dad

The Republican

The Democrat

The LGBTQ Community

The Addict

The Atheist

The Convict

Love Without Prejudiced

Jesus was asked this most important question, “Which is the greatest commandment?” Jesus answered this question with two commandments. The first, “Love God with all your heart, soul and mind.” The second, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Seems like love was pretty important to Jesus.

So who is my neighbor? I believe my neighbor is everyone who lives on planet earth. So that means I am supposed to love the following people:

My Muslin Neighbor.

My Immigrant Neighbor.

My Gay Neighbor.

My Atheist Neighbor.

My Noisy Neighbor.

My Gossiping Neighbor.

My Ex-Con Neighbor.

My Person of Color Neighbor.

My Republican Neighbor.

My Democrat Neighbor.

My Independent Neighbor.

My No Political Party Neighbor.

My Racist Neighbor.

Wow! Really OC, the racist neighbor? Yes, Jesus said we are to love everyone. This is not easy. Some people are just hard to love. But if we call ourselves followers of Jesus, we must love without prejudice. ~OC

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