Coming 11/17/21

Hello. As some of you know, a documentary was done on my almost 18 year health battle with multiple life threatening health issues. It will be released this Wednesday 11/17 at 8pm. It is being released on several platforms, but the free option will be shown on our YouTube channel Dead Man Running The Todd Shoemaker Story (@deadmanrunningthemovie). For more information check out our website Here is the official music video for the documentary. ~OC

Looking For A Speaker?

Do you need a speaker for your next event? If so, please feel free to contact me about sharing at your next event. I would be honored to speak with you or someone from your team. I have attached a short video of my story. ~OC

Speaking Tour

Hello. Since my wife Laura and I had our book The Blessed Overcomer published this past March, we have been blessed with several opportunities to share our story with an audience. Those engagements have been amazing. We love interacting with an audience. So, we are looking at putting together a Speaking Tour. Laura and I would be honored to share our crazy beautiful journey with your church, schools/university, business or small groups. Did I leave anyone out?

Okay, let me be honest here. Based on Laura’s work schedule, a lot of times you would just get me. I know, I can sense the disappointment. I love sharing our story together and audiences love Laura. Laura has assured me I would be okay flying solo at some of these events. She reminded me, I used to speak to large groups before we wrote our book. Laura has never led me wrong, so I will trust her belief in me.

So, if you or your organization is looking to hear a story about overcoming, endurance, faith and never giving up, feel free to contact us. I have attached a link to a short video of my story, a dear friend created for me. ~OC

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