Today’s a new day! In your pain God is at work. In your struggles God is at work. In your fight God is at work. Never forget these truths. ~OC

Purpose In The Pain

Today’s a new day! There is pain and suffering involved with this crazy beautiful health journey. To endure, I must stay focused on the purpose of the journey. My crazy beautiful health journey has given me clear purpose. That purpose is to love people without judgement and to serve God. ~OC

To The Person I Lost,

Dear Person I Lost,

You are missed every day. It’s hard knowing I will never hear your laugh again. I will miss your encouraging text. I will miss celebrating the holidays with you. I will miss celebrating life with you. I wish you would have reached out to me. I wish I would have reached out to you more. I try not to blame myself. I know I wasn’t the problem, but it’s still hard.

I go through most days asking a lot of questions. Could I have done more? Could I have asked more questions? Why didn’t I asked those tough questions? Why didn’t I say yes to more lunches, instead of always being too busy? I am sorry. I hope you know I really care for and love you.

I go through moments of being angry with you because you chose to leave us. I wish you would have fought harder. But then I realize how hard you did fight. How hard you tried to live.

I am happy you are not suffering anymore, but how I wish you could have found that healing here on earth. I know you tried.

I am sure the days will get easier, but it will take awhile. I will seek God’s guidance, comfort and strength. I know that’s what you would want. I will carry on until we meet again.

Finish Strong,

The Person Who Will Miss You

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