Adopt A School Challenge

Good morning. How many of you pass by a school each day? Maybe you drop your child off at school or you pass by a school on your way to work. I am sure at some point in your day or week you pass by a school. Starting today as you pass by that school, I want you to adopt that school. Wait. What? Let me explain.

As you make your way to work or out running errands, I want to encourage you to pray for the school(s) you pass by each day. Just a small prayer of blessings and protection for the students, teachers, administrators and staff. We all know how tough school can be. Our schools need prayer. It doesn’t have to be a long prayer. Just spend 30 seconds praying for the needs of that school. I truly believe it could be life changing. Who’s up for this challenge?

The school in the photo is my old high school Twin Lakes High School in West Palm Beach, Florida. ~OC

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