Hand of God

Today’s a new day! It doesn’t matter what storm you are facing today, it still has to pass through the hands of God. ~OC


Today’s a new day! God gave us His word. Will you trust the ever changing trends of the world or God’s word? ~OC


Today’s a new day! Sometimes God will use the things that break our heart to help fix our vision. ~OC

A New Season

As I walk through this new miracle season, God is stretching me in so many areas. Here are six items God has laid on my heart to challenge and strengthen me in this new season:

1). The Power of Prayer

2). Being Totally Devoted to the Word of God

3). Boldly Share the Gospel

4). Expect Miracles

5). Embrace Suffering for the glory of God

6). The Power of Our Testimonies.

I am looking forward to what God wants to teach us as we walk through this season of Miracles, Healing and Revival. ~OC

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