Three Words

Today’s a new day! Since 10/27/19, God has woken me up every morning with these 3 words Healings, Miracles & Revival. ~OC

A New Season

As I walk through this new miracle season, God is stretching me in so many areas. Here are six items God has laid on my heart to challenge and strengthen me in this new season:

1). The Power of Prayer

2). Being Totally Devoted to the Word of God

3). Boldly Share the Gospel

4). Expect Miracles

5). Embrace Suffering for the glory of God

6). The Power of Our Testimonies.

I am looking forward to what God wants to teach us as we walk through this season of Miracles, Healing and Revival. ~OC

Happy 2020!!!

Happy New Year everyone. As we move into a new year, my Facebook Lives will be hosted on my The Blessed Overcomer Facebook Page. I encourage everyone to follow me on that page. Some amazing plans are going to unfold this new year. I cannot wait to continue sharing the story God has given me with the world.

I pray everyone is excited about the possibilities 2020 will bring each of us. There will definitely be some challenges as we navigate this new year. I encourage you to hold on and reach out to God during those storms. But I believe 2020 is also going to be filled with Miracles, Healing and Revival. Are you excited? I am. Are you ready? I am. Let’s go! ~OC


God woke me up this morning with the word Revival on my heart. I believe we are beginning to see revival happening around us. I also believe God is going to use some unlikely places and people to bring revival. Should we be surprised by that? I do not think so. God used Jesus to change the world. If we look at Jesus resume, he was an unlikely candidate. Let us look at Jesus resume in today’s light.

Jesus Christ was born in a cave. Not really a great start according to the world.

Jesus was a carpenter.

Jesus was not a college graduate.

Jesus was a refugee.

Jesus never owned a home. No MTV Cribs Show for him.

Jesus was not not hanging out with the rich and famous. He would never have been interviewed by Robin Leach (Young folks google that one).

No 401k or pension for Jesus.

Jesus was definitely not jumping off the pages of GQ Magazine.

That is what Jesus resume looks like. By today’s standards not too impressive. But yet, this one man changed the world forever.

So has I thought about what God shared with me this morning, I thought about all the unlikely people God has used to share his word over the years. Most of the time, God has used common people who chose to be available. That is the kind of person I want to be. Available to serve God in any way he chooses.

I am excited to see how God is going to use common, but available people to help bring Revival. ~OC

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