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Let us take a walk to your local mall and take a survey. No, not the Census. The survey we are going to take is much more important than the Census. Here we go.

The good thing about our survey is there is only one question. That’s right. We traveled to the mall to ask one question. I believe it’s a pretty important question. Here we go. The one survey question we are asking fellow shoppers is “What Do Think About Christians?” What would be their response?

Group A:

Would they say Christians are such loving people?

Would they say Christians are such giving people?

Would they say Christians are such forgiving people?

Would they say, I wish I could learn more about having a relationship with Jesus?

Group B:

Christians are against everything.

Christians are judgmental.

Christians are angry.

Christians are racist.

Christians are hypocrites.

Let me asked my brothers and sisters in Christ a question. If you personally did this survey, would you end up in Group A or B? I pray my brothers and sisters will take the time to honestly answer this question. Because the way you answer this question could change the world for better or worse.

“So I give you a new commandment: Love each other just as much as I have loved you. For when you demonstrate the same love I have for you by loving one another, everyone will know that you’re my true followers.” ~John 13:34-35

Are You Truly Available?

I often hear Christians say they want to be used by God. They are ready to serve God. Then when an opportunity comes up to serve God by helping set up the church for service, to serve in children’s ministry or a clean up day rolls around, suddenly they are not so available.

This is not a knock on my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. This is just my observation. Some people love to serve when it is convenient for them. Or maybe when the opportunity to serve will put the spotlight on them. Let’s be honest, we are all guilty of take a look at me moments. Look what I am doing. It’s just human nature. But sometimes, God is looking for us to serve without any fanfare. To serve in ways we could never imagine. No spotlight.

As many of you know, my amazing wife and I went to Plains, Georgia a few weeks ago to hear former President Jimmy Carter teach Sunday School. Such a cool experience. But you know what I enjoyed most about that trip? Meeting Mr. George. Who is Mr. George you asked? Mr. George is the man who greets everyone as they drive onto the property at Maranatha Baptist Church. What’s so special about that OC? Oh, did I fail to mention that people start arriving for President Carter’s 10am Sunday morning class at 5 or 6pm Saturday night. That’s right. People start arriving the day before to hear President Carter teach. And guess who is there to welcome each and everyone of them? That’s right, Mr. George. He is there all night and into Sunday morning welcoming everyone with a smile on his face and some great stories. Oh, then Mr. George volunteers greeting inside the church, doing some filming and singing in the choir. Did I mention that Mr. George is in his 70’s. Mr. George saw a need and stepped up. I can guarantee you, that anyone who has attended President Carter’s Sunday School Class will have fond memories of Mr. George. I know I do.

When I got sick almost 18 years ago, I never imagined my medical journey would last this long. But along the way, God opened the door for me to encourage and love on people at my many medical appointments and hospital stays. Not a very glamorous way to serve God. No spotlights. No fanfare. The people I have met over the past 17.5 years have blessed me tremendously. I could write a book just on those experiences. Would I have chosen this opportunity? Probably not. But I would not trade the opportunities God has blessed me with along this journey. I am thankful, I continue to be available to serve God during this crazy beautiful health journey.

I am not sure what God is asking you to be available for. Maybe it will be to share the gospel with millions of people from a stage. Maybe it will be to lead millions of people in worship. That would be awesome. But maybe God wants you to be available to greet people as the drive into church during the middle of the night or to love on people as they receive news that will forever change their lives. Just Be Available. ~OC

Purpose In The Pain

Today’s a new day! There is pain and suffering involved with this crazy beautiful health journey. To endure, I must stay focused on the purpose of the journey. My crazy beautiful health journey has given me clear purpose. That purpose is to love people without judgement and to serve God. ~OC

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