A Miracle

This week has been full of tests. During my visit to Emory in Atlanta last month, the medical team ordered several test. So this week, I am getting them completed. These test are not new. I have had them in the past. The doctors at Emory ordered these test to see if I am a candidate for a procedure called G-POEM. This is a procedure for people with gastroparesis that can help them eat again without pain. As I was going through the first day of testing, I once again heard God telling me he was healing my stomach and that I would eat again. That is the same thing I heard God telling while Laura and I were in Atlanta last month. God didn’t give me a date or time I would be able to eat again, just that I would definitely eat again. The past 16 years my life has been filled with miracles. I truly believe God is healing my stomach of gastroparesis and I will be eating again soon. Not sure if I will ever get my appetite back, but I truly believe I will be eating soon. Never stop believing in your miracle. ~OC



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