A Life Full of Miracles

My life has been full of miracles. From being healed of cancer, running a 1,000 miles in one year, to surviving multiple Myasthenia Gravis Crisis. Today I experienced another miracle. Last week I had three medical tests that Emory ordered. I have had these three tests in the past. They have always come back positive. A few weeks ago, I asked my doctor what would happen if the tests come back negative? He said “Todd, your test never come back negative.” Today my tests results came back and all three were Negative. That, my friend is a miracle. A Huge Miracle! I have had these same test multiple times in the last 4 years and they always came back positive. What does all this mean? I will probably not be a candidate for the G-POEM procedure. I am not crying over that one. I will continue to try drinking the Ensures and see if I can graduate to solids at some point. From the research I have done on Gastroparesis, it can go into remission. I truly believe God is going to completely heal me of gastroparesis. It will be another amazing miracle in this crazy/beautiful health journey.

So if you’re waiting on a miracle, don’t give up. Surround yourself with amazing friends who love to pray for you. Change your thinking. Part of me started believing I would never eat or drink again. Get out of your daily routine and watch God work. I truly believe going to Atlanta in June helped me to hear what God was trying to tell me. I needed to get out of my comfort zone. Also never be afraid to share your prayer request with others. I believe the prayers of many are the reason my test results came back negative. The prayers of many are the reason I have been able to drink some Ensures. People want to pray for you. People want to help you. You just have to be willing to aske and accept that help. We are all on a crazy/beautiful journey. A journey none of us should be traveling alone. ~OC


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