Living a Life of Excellence

I think we all want to live a life of excellence. But what does that look like?

Living a life of excellence doesn’t mean we will not make some mistakes along the way. Believe me, I have made many in my journey and will surely make some more. Here is how I am trying to live a life of excellence.

My journey for excellence is fueled by faith and perseverance. For me, that means seeking God’s strength and direction. His endurance is needed for me to complete the journey He has designed for me. That is how I completed all those marathons back in my running days. My faith and perseverance continues to guide me through this crazy/beautiful health journey. All of us deal with obstacles in life. During those times we need to remain steadfast in the journey God has designed for us.

We have to recognize that striving for a life of excellence is a marathon. As I shared earlier, the race will be filled with some mistakes. Remember, this journey for excellence isn’t about perfection. The journey is about learning from those mistakes and never giving up. Also, don’t get caught up living someone else’s journey. Their journey was specifically designed for them.

Remember, the journey for excellence is a marathon. Pace yourself. I encourage you to seek God’s guidance daily. Ask Him to help you run the race of excellence He has designed specifically for you. ~OC

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