Embracing Differences

We are all unique. We have different cultures, different languages, different colors and different beliefs. Our differences should should bring us closer together. Not divide us.

Each of us was created by a loving Heavenly Father. God created us with different talents, ideas and experiences. Yet, we all have the same basic needs. We all want to be loved, respected and accepted. We all desire to make a difference in life. We all want peace.

No one wants to be judged based on their color, culture or beliefs. We should stop judging others based on their differences and take the time to embrace those differences. Accepting those differences allows us to unite and be stronger. Accepting people that are different than us makes us better and stronger people.

Ultimately, it is our choice to judge or accept people. We will face the consequences of those choices. I believe judging and hating takes too much energy. So, I will make the choice to love and embrace the differences in the people God brings my way. ~OC

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