Amazing Day

Earlier this week, Laura and I had the chance to work with our writing team at RoseDale. Besides spending several hours working on our book, Laura and I had the opportunity to be interviewed by the team at RoseDale. Tampa Bay Multimedia and RoseDale make the experience fun and easy. I will post the interview, when I get a copy. You can currently see the interview at my The Blessed Overcomer Facebook Page.

As Laura and I spent time with the writing team, I truly felt God encouraging me to start looking into some speaking engagements. I have felt God prompting me to look into some speaking engagements for a few months. I remember before I got sick again in 2009, I enjoyed sharing the story God has given me. I always enjoyed the interaction with the audience. Plus, I was always blessed by the stories people in the audience would share with me.

So, Laura and I are looking for a chance to share our crazy/beautiful journey with an audience. Since Laura works full-time, I might be a solo act at times. Laura seems okay with that. HaHa! We believe our story is for many different audiences and would love to share it with them. So, if any church, ministry, small group, school, university or business would be interested in having us, you can click on the Contact Page and send me a note. Thank you. ~OC

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