Never Give Up

Yesterday was tough. After a 4 week break from my feeding tube, I had to go back on it. My stomach is doing fine, but I was choking on fluids or any solids I tried to take by mouth. The choking is due to my Parkinson’s and Myasthenia Gravis. Very frustrating. But I refuse to give up.

It would be easy to just throw my hands up and give up. Who could blame me? But giving up has never been my style. I have always been a fighter and optimist. That will not change based on this latest setback.

If you are currently facing a storm in life, I would encourage you to never give up. On the other side of the storm is greatness. It could change your life forever. The storm you are facing today is just temporary. So don’t even think about giving up. Stay Focused. Finish Strong. ~OC

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