The Man Who Refuses to Die

One of my former pastors gave me the nickname “The Man Who Refuses to Die” years ago. Some people are shocked, angry or sad when they hear this nickname. Most of the time they have no idea what I have been through the past 16 years. They do not know my story. I love the nickname. I embrace it. The nickname means I am still here and overcoming all the odds. It means I am thriving. This crazy/beautiful journey has been a struggle. A lot of ups and downs. Some days worse than others. I mean, I have lost the ability to work, run, eat, speak or write. Thank goodness for technology. I do not say this for anyone to feel sorry for me. I urge you, please do not ever feel sorry for me. I am living the most blessed life I could ever imagine. A life of adventure. A life with true meaning. A beautiful life. I am still thriving because God still has purpose for my life. A life to love and encourage others. May “The Man Who Refuses to Die” continue to beat the odds. ~OC

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