Happy Anniversary

On this date, 19 years ago, I made one of the best decisions of my life. I married Laura Maria West. She has been a true blessing. Laura has taken on many roles the last 19 years, but caregiver was not one we ever anticipated. Let me explain.

In only our second year of marriage, my medical journey started. Little did we know it would still be going on 16 years later. During this time, Laura has been by my side during every surgery, every diagnosis, every medical appointment, every treatment and every hospital stay. She has never complained or thought about skipping town. No, instead she has stepped up and took on many new roles. Laura has become my health advocate, my cheerleader and nurse.

I am happy we made the choice, early on in this health journey, to keep on living and enjoying life. We have never let my health issues get in the way of making memories. During this crazy/beautiful journey, we have traveled and experienced some incredible moments. We have even turned hospital stays into memorable moments.

I am so happy that God brought Laura into my life. Life has not always been easy with my health issues, but the past 19 years has been one beautiful moment after another. We have been blessed to face every tough moment together. I cannot imagine doing life without my beautiful bride. Happy Anniversary to the love of my life. ~OC

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