I See God

When some people see me or think about me, they only see the health issues that are slowly destroying my body. Sadly, they are missing the big picture.

When I look at the last 16 years of this crazy/beautiful health journey, I see God. Yes, I see God in this crazy/beautiful health journey. Here are some ways God has revealed himself to me.

God has blessed me with an incredible wife, family, friends and medical team. I have seen God in each of these individuals. Sometimes God has brought complete strangers in my life to assist me during this journey.

God has allowed me to not be angry, bitter or depressed during this journey. That does not mean I don’t have rough days, but I do not live in those bad days. I have heard God’s encouraging words during some of my darkest days.

God has allowed me the honor of sharing the story He has given me. That is not something I take for granted. I lost my physical voice a few years ago, but God is allowing me to speak louder than ever. I am thankful for social media and the platform it has given me.

God has blessed me with the opportunity to be a Abolitionist and Missionary during this crazy/beautiful journey. I have been blessed with so many life changing experiences the past 16 years.

God is blessing me with the opportunity to share my story in book form. Never in my life did I ever think I would write a book. Even more amazing is that people say they cannot wait to read my story. Only God can accomplish such a feat. The book will be released next year (2019).

My prayer is that when people look at me, they will see more than my health issues. I pray when people see me, talk to me or read something I wrote, they will see God. ~OC

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