Encourage Someone

Today is one of my favorite holidays. Today is National Day of Encouragement. I love this holiday. I love encouraging others.

When my health journey started back in 2002, I made the choice to turn a negative into a positive. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Being positive and being an encourager has not always been easy, but the blessings have been overwhelming. Let me share just one story of being blessed.

My health issues cause me to be hospitalized often. I made the choice to become a Missionary during my doctor appointments and hospital stays. On one of those hospital stays, I encountered a mother whose young daughter was across the hall from my room. The mother and I never actually met, but I would say hello and share an encouraging word, in passing. Nothing major, just being neighborly.

During one of my many walks up and down the hospital halls, I felt someone hug me from behind and say hello. I did not recognize the voice of this European gentleman saying thank you. I must admit I was taken aback. Who was this man and why was he thanking me? This stranger wanted to thank me for sharing a positive word with his mother each day. His mother was having a rough time with his sister being ill. He shared his mother thought I must be an angel. Side note, I am far, far from being an angel. This young man shared his mother looked forward to walking by my room each day. Wow!

I do not share this to puff myself up. That would be a waste. No, I share this to show how a kind word can made a difference. You never know who needs to hear an encouraging word. Happy National Day of Encouragement. ~OC

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