What If?

Life can be filled with a lot of “What If’s”. If we are not careful, those “what if’s” can take over our lives. I have been guilty of asking “what if” many times. During this crazy/beautiful journey, I decided life is too short to play that game. I have started looking at “what if’s” in a different way.

What if I never got sick? I could drive myself crazy trying to answer this question. That’s why I have decided to look at it in different way. If I would have never gotten sick, I would have missed the following:

*I would have missed the importance of slowing down in life.

*I would have missed becoming a Missionary.

*I would have missed becoming a long-distance runner.

*I would have missed becoming a more compassionate person.

*I would have missed becoming a better husband and friend.

*I would have missed becoming a better listener.

*I would have missed out on a lot of great friendships.

*I would have missed the opportunity to become a writer.

*I would have never got involved with social media.

*I would have missed being there to encourage others when they are dealing with the toughest moments of their lives.

*I would have never become a patient advocate.

*I would have never went skydiving.

*I would have never started writing a book.

*You would not be reading this blog.

Look at everything I would have missed if I continued to live the “What If” life. I encourage you to stop living that life and really start living. ~OC

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