Embracing Friendships

During this age of social media, it looks like we have so many friends. You even get a nice blue check on social media, if you are really popular. Some people do not have enough space left on their pages to add another friend or follower.

I personally love social media. I love seeing everyone’s updates and how life is treating them. Some posts make me laugh and others break my heart. I have used social media to share my crazy/beautiful health journey. But, I wonder if we are losing the true meaning of friendship. It is so easy to jump on social media and check out a friend’s latest post. We can hit the “Like” button, share an emoji or leave a comment. I love when people take the time to comment on one of my post.

All of that is great, but are we really connecting with our friends? When is the last time you actually called someone and had a conversation? When did you last text a friend with an encouraging word? When is the last time you actually made plans to meet in-person? What a crazy concept!

As I shared above, there is nothing wrong with catching up on social media. We have family and friends all over the world. Social media has made it easy to stay in touch with them. But, let’s not get so comfortable communicating through social media that we forget the importance of a phone call, a nice card/letter, or actually taking the time to get together and catch up.

I pray we would slow down and truly embrace our friendships. ~OC

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