Moment Maker

During this crazy/beautiful health journey, people have asked a lot of questions and made many comments. One comment I get often, “For being so sick,  you sure do a lot of socializing and traveling!” Really? I am fighting for my life and you are worried I am having too much fun? This used to bother me a little, but then I finally had to realize this is my journey. I choose how I will live it.

So Laura and I will continue to travel when the opportunity presents itself. Will I always feel up to it? No. Most of the time traveling is not easy for me. It would be much easier to stay home and not deal with all the issues traveling brings me. But then I would miss out on making memories with my bride. I would miss out on some amazing experiences.

So, Laura and I will continue to take trips and hang out with our friends. We will tell jokes and laugh. We will talk about social issues and how to fix them. We will remember past experiences. Sometimes, we will actually talk about my health and my future. Of course, we will probably throw in some dark humor along the way. No, I will continue to truly live life. You see, I want to be a moment maker. Try it sometime. ~OC

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