Church In A Uber

Yesterday, I had church during my Uber ride. Yes, you read that correctly. Let me explain.

As most of you know, based on my health issues, I can no longer drive. It was not an easy transition, but I have adjusted. A lot of times, family or friends will take me to my appointments when I need a ride. I am very thankful for each of them. Sometimes I take an Uber when I want to give my family and friends a break.

So yesterday, a friend from my middle school and high school days was in town. We made plans to have lunch in West Palm Beach. So, I took an Uber to meet him. We had a great visit and probably solved most of the world’s problems. HaHa! When it was time to leave, I ordered a Uber home. Here is where the church meeting took place.

A very nice lady and her son picked me up. After saying hello and confirming my information, this young lady from the Bahamas said something that blew me away.

She looked back at me and said “God told me you have a story to tell.”

I said, “Excuse me?”

This young lady repeated herself, “God told me you have a story to tell. What is your story?”

After getting past the shock, I proceeded to share my crazy/beautiful health journey. The young lady had tears in her eyes. She shared earlier God had told her to pray for a man with health issues. That this man had a powerful story to tell and needed some encouragement.

I was blown away, as I sat there with my mouth wide open. Then she began to share even more. I am glad I had my seatbelt on because I was about to experience church. Her words had already blessed me, but she was not done. Far from it.

This wonderful woman went on to tell me that God had given her a word about my future. She shared God told her that I would share my story with millions of people and travel around the world sharing what God had done and was doing in my life. This wonderful lady looked at my voice amplifier that helps me speak and shared I would not need it to speak. Wow!

She then shared as God was healing my body, He would bless me with the ability to heal others. Wait. What? She then proceeded to tell me that I was a modern day Lazarus. All I could do was seat there and listen as these words spoke to me. What a ride! What an experience.

As I have reflected on these words from yesterday, I am praying that God will continue use me. If that means sharing with one person or a million. I pray I will always be obedient and willing to do whatever God asked of me.

So the next time you take a Uber be ready. You never know when church is going to break out. ~OC

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  1. I have been applying Jesus’ healing stripes to you for a couple of years now …I am so excited that are receiving ALL God has for you and Laura…I even believe you will have a dog again…be the overcomer you were made to be!!!!!


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