Crashing Waves

Do you ever feel like you are just surviving in life instead of thriving in life? I know I do. There are days I feel like I am on top of the world. Those days are when I feel like I am making a real difference in the world. I love those days. Then I have days when I feel like I am just surviving, one hand above the crashing waves. Those days are not fun. None of us like those days. But those days are just as important as the dancing-on-water days.

I have found in my life when I am dealing with those crashing-waves days, I tend to grow more. Of course during those moments, I do not always see the lessons God is trying to teach me. A lot of times, I do not see those lessons until I have come out on the other side of the crashing waves. But sometimes God allows me to see the lessons during the crashing waves. Those moments tend to happen when I make the choice to sit still and really listen to God. Those are life-changing moments, ones that have guided me during this crazy/beautiful health journey.

Today, I encourage everyone facing the crashing waves of life to sit still, listen to God, and embrace the lessons He is trying to share with you. Sometimes, those lessons are not just for you. ~OC

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