Two-Way Street

As I have shared before, friendships mean a lot to me. I still have childhood friends. So many memories come rushing back when I think about different friendships. It seems like childhood friendships were so much easier. As we grow older, our lives get busier. That’s just part of life. But as we get busier, it seems like our friendships suffer. I think I have noticed this more during my crazy/beautiful journey. I try my best to stay in contact with my friends. It might be a simple text or actually trying to get together. It amazes me how often I don’t receive a text back or how often friends don’t have time to get together. I must say, it is somewhat disheartening when I am constantly the one reaching out to friends. Please don’t take this as me complaining. That is not my intention. This is more of a challenge to slow down and take time for your friends. At the end of the day, true friendships multiply the good in our lives. ~OC

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