A Different Race

Today’s a new day! During my days as a marathon runner, all the hours of training and painful muscles were worth it when I added another mile to my total and when I crossed the finish line and received my finisher’s medal. I loved every minute of running.

Today, God has me running a new race. This race doesn’t consist of miles run or a finisher’s medal. This new race consists of encouraging others, as we run the crazy/beautiful journey God has us all traveling. Sometimes, there is still some pain and discomfort involved, but it is all worth it. When I am able to pray for someone as they face one of life’s storms, it is all worth it. When I am able to help someone navigate the world of health insurance and doctors appointments, it is all worth it. When I am able to rejoice with someone after they defeat that life storm, it is all worth it.

I still miss lacing up my running shoes and going out for a nice run. I still miss the excitement of marathon mornings. I still miss the excitement of crossing the finish line and having that finisher’s medal placed around my neck. I suppose I will always miss my running days. I believe God has me running the race He has planned for me, at this time. But, I still have my running shoes, just in case my miracle comes and God allows me to run again. Go run your race! ~OC

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