As we celebrate this holiday season, what are you grateful for? I pray as we are busy finishing up all the shopping, cooking and traveling, we will remember to be grateful for our blessings. Here are a few things I am grateful for:

*I am grateful for my relationship with God.

*I am grateful for the first breath I take every morning and each one afterwards.

*I am grateful for my wife Laura West Shoemaker.

*I am grateful for my family and friends.

*I am grateful for my medical team.

*I am grateful for my feeding tube.

*I am grateful for my gastro pacemaker.

*I am grateful for this crazy/beautiful journey.

*I am grateful for prayers.

*I am grateful that I can still walk on my own.

*I am grateful for my church home.

*I am grateful that Laura and I still get to make memories together.

*I am grateful I am still able to travel.

*I am grateful for my medications.

*I am grateful for books and music.

*I am grateful for my home.

*I am grateful for technology.

*I am grateful I still get to share my story.

*I am grateful I am able to write this post.


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