Press Pause

What a year it has been. We have all faced a lot this year. We all dealt with some challenges this year. Some faced the death of a loved one. Some faced the end of a relationship. Some faced health issues. Some faced hurricanes, flooding and fires. No one made it through the year unscathed. Of course there were some great moments this past year. Some saw the birth of a child or grandchild. Some started a new career. Some found new friendships. Some received some amazing health news. Some found love. Some found their purpose in life.

As we prepare for a new year, I encourage you to pause for a moment. Slow down and take some time to reflect on this year. Go for a walk. Call a loved one. Write down a gratitude list. Spend time in prayer. Think about who you are and what you hope to be this coming year. Press pause and just breathe. ~OC

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