Today’s a new day! As we close out another year, several people have inquired about my health and healing journey. My health continues to be an issue and that is okay. I am totally at peace with my current situation. I have experienced physical healing in several areas of my life, but I continue to struggle with new health challenges.

During this long, crazy/beautiful health journey, I have not been gripped with anger, bitterness or depression. I cannot count how many times doctors have wondered how I am not depressed. The answer is, I have truly been blessed by God during this journey. He has protected me from so many issues. I am thankful.

Also during this journey, my wife, Laura, and I have not dealt with many marital problems. We have actually gotten closer during this medical storm. This journey has not been easy on Laura. She went from being a newlywed to a full time caregiver early in our marriage. But we decided before we got married and after I got sick, that we would always have open and honest communications. That has definitely helped. Also, our marriage is built on our relationship with God. That has never wavered.

So I may never experience complete physical healing on this side of heaven, I have definitely experienced healing in many different ways. ~OC

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