Sometimes Christians Make Me Cry

A lot of times when I scroll down social media, I want to cry. Some of the posts I read are filled with so much negativity and hate. I know the world is filled with a lot of darkness, pain and hate. That does not surprise me. What saddens me is that many of the negative and hateful post I read are written by people who call themselves Christians. That is what makes me want to cry and scream, all at the same time.

Recently I have read posts from some people who call themselves Christians, seemingly celebrating the declining health of a Supreme Court Justice. Why? Because it fits their political agenda. Sadly, a lot of Christians appear to be more concerned about their political allegiances than their relationship with the Creator of the world. Those same people will tell you Jesus agrees with their political affiliation. I have checked the Bible and it does not mention Jesus being part of a political party.

When I read about Jesus, I see someone who was caring and loving. I see someone who was filled with encouraging words. I see someone who was not a pushover, but was stern in a loving way, when needed. What I do not see is hate. Never hate.

A word of advice for my fellow Christians. The world is watching us. They are reading our social media post. They are listening to our conversations. They are watching our responses to world events. What will they see? Will we make some mistakes along the way? Sure we will. But I pray that the majority of the time the world will see love, grace and forgiveness when it looks at the Christian Community.

I still love my fellow Christians. That will never change. But I will also continue to call out injustice within the Christian community. when needed. I hope you will do the same. God Bless. .~OC

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