Encouraging Word

Hello! I have debated sharing the following on social media. But during this crazy beautiful health journey, I have always tried to be honest. Each of you are part of this wonderful journey. My prayer is that the following will encourage everyone who reads it. It has really helped me with some of the struggles I was dealing with for a long time. Here we go……

Several weeks ago, I felt God talking to me about my health. No audible voice. This went on for over a week. The following is what I heard:

1). God shared He is still in control of every area of my life.

2). My life is more than my health issues. Not to be consumed by my health issues.

3). To not listen to everyone who talks to me about my health and healing.

4). To stop worrying when and if my healing is coming on earth. I clearly heard him tell me, I will not see healing on this side of heaven. At first I was disappointed, but God has given me a real sense of peace and hope. I am not giving up and do not believe I am going to heaven anytime soon.

5). To keep really living and trusting His plan for my life.

The past few days, God has shared I need to be more concerned about the What not the Why. What can I learn during this journey and how can I use it to help others? That is what I plan on doing.

My prayer is that you will find this encouraging. I know I do. Plus, I will probably out live all of you. God Bless. ~OC

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