Fading Friendships

During this crazy beautiful health journey, a lot of friends have stepped up and been by my side during some of my darkest days. I would love to say the majority of my friends fall into that category, but that has not been the case.

A lot of friends have faded away the last 17 years. That number has grown greatly in the past 5 years. During the early days of my health issues, the majority of my friends were right by my side. I think most people, including myself thought this would be a short journey. No one could have imagined this journey would last so long. As my journey has stretched on, my list of friends has dwindled. Part of me thinks people are just busy with their own journey. Others don’t know what to say, so they find it easier to walk away. Some just get tired of dealing with someone facing multiple life threatening health issues.

I have to admit the end of these friendships has brought me great sadness over the years. Sadness that these friendships meant more to me than they did to my friends. Sadness that these former friends are missing out on a crazy beautiful adventure. The amazing moments they have missed over the years.

That is why I value the true friends who have stuck around and shared some of my best and worst moments with me. I am thankful for those friends who have taken the time to call, text or visit me over the years. I cannot truly express how much those moments have meant to me.

I am not writing this post for sympathy. No, I am writing this to be real with you. My story has always been an open book. I am writing this post to give you a small glimpse into the world of someone dealing with chronic long-term health issues. I hope it will make you think about that loved one or friend who feels isolated or forgotten. I pray this post will encourage you to take the time to reach out to them. That small gesture could be life changing. ~OC

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