Mother’s Day

Today we celebrate Mother’s Day. A day to thank moms for all they do for us. I am thankful to still have my mom with me, but my wife lost her amazing mom 13 years ago. Mother’s Day is still tough for her. I am sure others can relate to her experience.

Today is Sunday, so many will attend church this morning. Most churches will have some type of Mother’s Day celebration. Maybe they will pass out roses to all the moms. Maybe they will recognize all the moms by having them stand up. All great things. Moms are awesome. They should be celebrated. But what about those women who cannot have children? Or those women who have lost children? How about those women who decided not to have children? I think churches have to be very sensitive in how they celebrate Mother’s Day. Today is a tough day for many.

Today, I encourage places of worship to celebrate all women. If you’re passing out roses, pass them out to all the women. Take time to recognize every women who is a role model, mentor, or godmother to many in her circle of influence. They are making a significant difference in the lives of many. Not every women has the title of Mother, but that does not make their contributions any less important. So let’s celebrate all women today. ~OC

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