Questions for Todd

Today’s a new day! Here are some questions I get on a regular basis.

Does it bother me when people eat or drink in front of you?No. I enjoy hanging out with friends and meeting new ones.

Are you ever hungry or thirsty? No. I haven’t had an appetite or been thirsty in almost 4 years.

What happens when you try to eat and drink? I suffer a lot of pain, bloating, feeling full and nausea. That’s life with Gastroparesis.

What causes Gastroparesis? For me, it was caused by my Parkinson’s. There are many different reasons that cause gastroparesis.

Will you ever get your appetite and thirst back? Good question. No answer.

Are there any cures for the different health issues you’re dealing with? No, but there are medications and treatments. Unfortunately, a lot of the medications and treatments have not worked for me.

Do you think about dying? Nope! Too busy living out this crazy beautiful journey.

Have you tried natural medications? Yes. I have tried so many alternative/natural treatments. None of them worked for me. That doesn’t mean they might not work for someone else.

What sin do you have in your life that is causing your health issues? Yes, I have been asked this often. We all have sin in our lives. I serve a loving God. He is definitely not punishing me for any sin.

Have you ever lost your faith during your health journey? No. Have God and I had many conversations about my health journey? Yes. My faith has actually gotten stronger during this crazy/beautiful journey.

These are just a few questions I have been asked over the years. Never ever be afraid to ask me any question. I may not always have the answer, but we can still have a wonderful conversation. ~OC

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