Sports Fans Are Funny

If you know me, you know I love sports. I cannot remember a time that I did not love sports. I grew up playing and watching sports. I have my favorite teams and players. My favorite players and teams are my favorites, whether they win or lose. They are never too good or too bad for me to root for them. That’s why I find it funny, when some sports fans start hating on a player or team because they have become too good.

I remember when Michael Jordan first came into the NBA. Everyone loved him. He could do no wrong. Then the Chicago Bulls and Mr. Jordan became beyond great and a good majority of people hated them both. The only reason for the hate was because the Bulls and MJ kept winning championships.

The same thing happened with LeBron James. Of course there was that “Decision” deal and everyone hated LeBron. Let it go people. Here is a man who has given a large amount of money to help disadvantaged children in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Last year he started a school that is making a huge difference in the lives of many. Mr. James biggest mistake was becoming too good. Some fans will spend hours arguing who is greater, Jordan or LeBron? Who cares? Just enjoy LeBron while you can.

Now the in thing is to hate on the Golden State Warriors and Steph Curry. Why? Because they have gotten too good. Fans will say it’s because the Warriors are a “Super Team” and they don’t like Mr. Curry doing that shimmy dance after scoring a basket. Of course, those are the same people who dance and talk trash during a pickup game at the local gym. Let’s just enjoy watching the Warriors and Mr. Curry while the journey last.

As a sports fan, I enjoy watching greatness. I don’t care what team or player it is. I love watching athletes and teams achieve greatness. Of course, I would love for my favorite teams to win and achieve greatness. I am a fan after all. But I refuse to be that fan. The one who hates on another teams or player when they achieve greatness. I will root against them when they’re playing my teams, but I will not hate them.

So sports fans, keep rooting for your teams and favorite players. Feel free to boo the other team if you want. But instead of hating on a team or player because they have become too good, just enjoy the greatness while it last. Remember, one year your favorite team or player may achieve greatness. What will you do then? ~OC

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