Stop Taking Things For Granted.

Every morning, I feel blessed to have another day of life. I am at a point in my life where I try not to take anything for granted. Some days I do a pretty good job being thankful and other days I take life for granted. I hope you can relate. As I sit here this morning, I started thinking about some things I often take for granted. Here is my list. Hopefully you can relate to some of them.

I Woke Up. That is a miracle. Really it is. We so often take waking up for granted, but not everyone woke up this morning. So please take the time to be thankful for the breath you took this morning.

A Bed. Even if you did not get much sleep, you probably had the opportunity to rest in a comfortable bed. (I am thankful for my recliner, that has been my bed for the last 12 years).

A Warm Shower. I am sure everyone reading this blog post has access to a warm shower. That is not the case for everyone. Take time to enjoy that warm shower this morning.

A Roof Over Your Head. Once again, I am guessing everyone reading this has a roof over their head. Maybe it’s not a huge home. Maybe your renting a room. But the fact that you woke up with a roof over your head is a beautiful blessing.

A Job. I pray everyone reading this has a job they love. Maybe you cannot say that at this time, but I hope you are grateful that you have a job. If you do not enjoy your current job, you have the choice to find a job that will make you happy. Do not get stuck in your current job.

Music. We all have access to music. Even if that means singing to yourself. Music is good for our health. It can encourage us. It can stir our emotions. It can bring back beautiful memories.

You Have a Computer or Cellphone. You are reading this blog on some type of device. Maybe it’s not the latest and greatest device, but it works. Be thankful.

Transportation. You might have to take public transportation, but you have access to it. If you have a vehicle be thankful. Someone would love the vehicle you’re complaining about.

Family/Friends. They might drive you crazy at times, but be thankful you have them. At some point they will not be here. So take time to call them or visit them today.

Someone Loves You. No matter what happens today, someone out there loves you. Maybe it’s just one person or maybe you have been blessed with hundreds of people who love you. Be thankful for those who have chosen to love you. Make sure you show them some love today.

This is just a small list. There are so many more I could have added. I encourage you to come up with your own list. I pray I will not take any of my blessings for granted today. ~OC

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