Living For God During The Storm

Sometimes getting through the day can be a major accomplishment, when you’re dealing with major health issues. During those days, you may asked yourself how can I possibly live for God? What does that even look like?

When we think about living for God, our mind might be filled with images of Mother Teresa or some missionary that has visited our church. Maybe we think about pastors or those in full time ministry. Those are all great examples, but there are so many more ways to live and serve God. So what does it mean to truly live for God? I think it means that our words and actions point people to God and bring Him glory. Having a chronic or terminal illness does not disqualify us from being part of this amazing journey with God. No, you can use your current circumstances to share the story God has given you. Here are a few examples.

It’s okay your story looks different. We were all created with different stories. That means the way we serve and live out our story will look different. I think about Nick Vujicic and how God has used his amazing story to encourage the lives of many through his ministry Life Without Limbs. I would encourage you to check out his website at How can God use your story to help and encourage others?

God will allow us to live out our purpose. We were all created with a purpose. Most of the time that purpose looks different than the one we would have chosen. Believe me, I never envisioned myself being a missionary at hospitals and doctors appointments when my health journey started so many years ago. But I am so thankful that God has used my journey to help encourage others. What is your purpose and how can God use it?

Simply Live. If you are in the middle of a storm, I would encourage you to continue living the life God created you to live. Do not worry about how messy your life might look to others. There is no need to be “Super Christian.” God is not expecting that from you. No, God just wants us to be faithful in the midst of the storm. Sometimes that is messy. God is okay with our messiness. In my own messy journey, I am less concerned about people thinking “Wow, look how Todd is serving God” and more concerned about God getting the glory for continuously walking with me and blessing me during this crazy beautiful journey. ~OC

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