Freedom of Speech

Several days ago we celebrated the 4th of July and the freedoms we have in America. One of those freedoms is the freedom of speech. Most people would say they believe in freedom of speech, but I wonder if that is really true. Let me explain.

As I scroll through social media, I often see people posting about the importance of freedom of speech in America. They will post articles about the 1st Amendment to prove their point. I too, agree that everyone has the right to freedom of speech in America. What I find funny, is that those same people who flood their social media pages with articles about the importance of freedom of speech, are the first ones to demonize people when they disagree with what that person has to say. Hello! You cannot have it both ways. You either believe in the freedom of speech or you don’t.

There are a lot of things people say or post on social media that I disagree with, but I will always fight for their rights to express their opinions. That is what America was built on. I can make the choice to respond or ignore those opinions I disagree with.

Let me clarify something. If someone is posting hateful, racist or complete lies on their social media pages or anywhere else, I will confront you and try to educate you. Yes, you have the right to express those opinions, but I have a responsibility to confront anyone who spews hate, racism or actual lies. Thanks for allowing me to exercise my freedom of speech. ~OC

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