Not A Political Issue

Jeffrey Epstein was arrested over the weekend.. This case is about a man who abused multiple girls. This case is about the rich and powerful receiving special treatment. This is a case of mass coverup. What this case is not is a political issue.

Over the weekend, I saw several post about how Mr. Epstein got his sweetheart deal to protect former President Bill Clinton. I actually lost count on how many people were so quick to invoke President Clinton’s name. I have no idea if the former president was involved in the Epstein case. Guess what? You don’t either. It saddened me that so many people were more concerned about President Clinton than they were about the victims of Jeffrey Epstein. Oh yeah, the victims. How quickly some people forget about them.

The victims, all teenage girls at the time. Their lives ruined by Jeffrey Epstein and everyone else who was involved in these horrible crimes. The victims are who I care about. Their childhoods were stolen by people who were more interested in satisfying their perverted needs, than they were about young vulnerable girls. I guarantee these victims do not care about politics. No, they are concerned about getting their lives back. They are concerned about making sure no other girl ever has to experience what they did. These young women are concerned about seeing real justice in this case and all cases of human trafficking.

So do me a favor. The next time you want to post or comment on the Jeffrey Epstein case, remember it is not a political issue. No, this is a criminal case that hopefully will see true justice served. ~OC

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