I Refuse To Be Silent

Several people have suggested the reason I am not getting a lot of speaking engagements, is because of the things I share on my blog. They believe my choice of topics scare some people. Some people have suggested I stop sharing controversial topics. What I hear is, stop sharing on thought provoking topics and stick with sweet and positive post. Sorry I cannot do it.

Let me share, that everything that I write is what God has put on my heart. I always pray before I post anything on my blog. Some things I have written will probably never be posted. My intention is never to shock people with my post. I have no desire to be a “Shock Blogger.” Not sure if I just made up a new phrase. No, my desire is to make people think. To encourage people to have real conversations about tough topics. To never be afraid to speak up.

So, I will continue to share what God puts on my heart. If that means people don’t want to hire me to share my journey, that’s okay. I will never stop speaking out on topics that I care about. If you don’t care for my blog post and do not want me speaking to your organization that’s fine. I would probably not be a good fit anyways. I truly believe there are organizations that will welcome me and my crazy beautiful journey. Do not be afraid to reach out. ~OC

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