Today I Choose

When your dealing with multiple life threatening health issues, each day brings different challenges. Some days those challenges can seem overwhelming. What’s awesome, is each day I am able to choose how I deal with those challenges.

When my crazy beautiful health journey started over 17 years ago, I made the choice to embrace my challenges and really live life. That is not always easy. My body is really not my own anymore. Most of the time my body feels foreign to me. But even in those tough moments, I still get to choose how I deal with this new reality. Do I allow my challenges to consume me or do I choose to overcome those challenges?

If you have followed my story at all, you know the answer to that question. I have made the choice to truly live. Even though it would be easier to sit around and take it easy, I choose to take trips with my beautiful bride and make amazing memories. I choose to use my story to encourage others dealing with their own crazy beautiful journey. Heck, I even chose to write a book. I choose to live a positive life.

I believe my positive outlook on life, has gotten me through some of my toughest days. I believe my days as a long-distance runner, has given me the mental strength to deal with the health struggles I deal with on a daily basis. I know my faith has helped guide me through this crazy beautiful journey. Because I know this journey is only temporary.

Each morning, we choose how we life today. Here are some choices I make daily.

Today, I choose to be a Warrior.

Today, I choose to be an Overcomer.

Today, I choose to Thrive.

Today, I choose to Live. ~OC

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