Wake Up America

I wrote the following back in 2017. Sadly, nothing has changed in America. Four mass shootings in America this week.

Let me say, I believe in the 2nd Amendment. I have never owned a gun and probably never will. With that said, enough is enough. We have a major gun issue in America. Let’s stop ignoring that reality. How many more innocent lives will be taken by people who should have never been able to to purchase a firearm? It is way too easy to buy a gun in America. When will the politicians have the guts to stand up to the NRA? Sadly those politicians will probably continue to take millions and millions of dollars from the NRA. I have family and friends who are responsible gun owners. My question to you and other responsible gun owners in America, when will you stand up and demand common sense gun control?

Also when will we wake up and realize we have a mental health crisis in America? We need more programs for those dealing with mental health issues. Those programs need to be properly funded. We cannot keep cutting funding from these programs. People are hurting and need help.

As I shared above, I wrote this in 2017. Sadly, I am currently watching the images of two mass shootings in less than 24 hours. Dear Politicians, your thoughts and prayers are no longer enough. They feel cheap and disingenuous. America needs you to take real and significant action. Wake Up America! ~OC

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