Thank You 4 South Heroes

As I sit here in the quietness of my house, I realize it has been almost 4 months since my last hospital visit. That’s a pretty big deal, when you have spent as much time as I have in the hospital the past 17 years. The staff on 4 South at Good Samaritan Medical Center have become family over the years. They have blessed Laura and I so many times the past 17 years. Here are just a few examples of going above and beyond the call of duty.


A Recliner. Some of you might not beware I can no longer sleep in a bed. With my Parkinson’s and other health issues, a bed is extremely uncomfortable. At home I sleep in a recliner. I have done this for years. During my hospital stays, the staff on 4 South always makes sure I have a recliner in my room. They could easily just say, Todd you need to sleep in the hospital bed. But they don’t. I have seen them walk all over the hospital to find me a recliner. To help make me feel as comfortable as possible.

Sitting With Me. The staff on 4 South just doesn’t come in the room and move on to the next patient. No, there have been many times they hung out a bit to catch up on life. Even on those crazy busy days the staff still pop in to say hello and check on me. I have never felt like a number during my stays on 4 South.

Caring for Laura. The staff has not only taken care of me for the past 17 years, they have taken care of Laura. Laura has never been a patient on 4 South, but the wonderful staff always makes sure she is doing okay. They realize the importance of the caregiver.

A Room With A View. Good Sam is located by the intracoastal in West Palm Beach, FL. Some of the rooms have beautiful views of the water. The staff always tries to make sure I have a room with a view if possible. When I am in the hospital for weeks at a time, waking up to an amazing view is a blessing.

Good Sam Is My Cheers. Have you ever watched the old tv show Cheers. The lyrics from the theme song says “Everybody Knows Your Name.” That is how Laura and I feel when we walk into Good Sam. Everyone knows our name. I bet you have the song in your head now.

A Life Saved. The nurses and staff on 4 South always go above and beyond for their patients. Let me share just one example. Back in 2014, during a visit on 4 South I passed out in my room. My heart rate was out of control. The staff actually had to stop my heart and start it again. During this incident, one of the nurses ran down 3 or 4 flights of stairs to get some medication I desperately needed. Her quick actions probably saved my life. Thankfully, I have no memory of that day. Laura does and is always thankful for the quick response of the staff that day.

As you can see, the staff on 4 South is pretty special. Some of the staff have been taking care of me for 17 years. Some have gone and come back. Some have retired. I have friends that joke Good Sam is a vacation spot for me. Well, I wouldn’t call it a vacation spot, but I would call it my second home. I would call it family. ~OC

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  1. So happy to know you’ve actually been out of the hospital long enuf to MISS the staff.. May GOD continue to Bless you and your Beautiful wife💜🙏🏽


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