You and I

As we turn on the news, scroll through social media or just walk down the street, we see so many heartbreaking things happening around us. We see and read about homelessness, gun violence, human trafficking and substance abuse. The list could go on and on. We pray about these issues and we ask God to bring help. Not only do we pray, but we demand that our elected officials do something about these and other issues our communities are facing. We cry out to God to please bring someone to help those that are suffering. Oh Dear God, why are you not answering our prayers? Has anyone else but me had these thoughts and prayed these prayers?

Guess what? Sometimes you and I are the answer to the those prayers. Wait, what? That’s right, God wants you and I to help the homeless. God wants you and I to help end gun violence. God wants you and I to help end human trafficking. God wants you and I to help end the substance issues in our communities. God wants you and I to help change our communities. Mind blowing isn’t it? Not really.

God has always used His people to help make the world a better place. A lot of times we are just not listening. Or we cannot believe God could use us to make a difference. But God is looking for us to be His hands and feet. We just have to be willing to stand up and answer the call. Because sometimes God will use you and I to answer our prayers. ~OC

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