Passion Bucket

A lot of people talk about having a Bucket List. Almost everyone can mention at least one thing on their bucket list. I used to have a bucket list. But as I have walked this crazy beautiful health journey, my bucket list has become my Passion Bucket.

For me, a Passion Bucket is more personal. Has deeper meaning. This year my wife Laura and I have been marking things off my Passion Bucket. Today we mark another item off my list.

Laura and I have been camping out at Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains, Georgia. We have been here since 11pm last night. You might be asking yourself, why would Todd and Laura hangout at a church in the middle of the night. In Plains, Georgia of all places. Well, let me tell you. Laura and I are big fans of former President Jimmy Carter. I believe he is the greatest former President ever. President Carter has been teaching Sunday School for many years. Today, Laura and I will be sitting in on President Carter’s Sunday School class. This has been in my Passion Bucket for many years. We are beyond excited.

I would encourage each of you to live out your Passion Bucket. Do not allow the busyness of this world keep you from marking amazing items off your Passion Bucket. ~OC

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