Plant Based Lifestyle

A must read. After being on a feeding tube for so many years and not being able to eat solid foods, I thought I needed something new. So after my beautiful miracle in November 2019, I started 2020 by diving into the plant based lifestyle. I never felt better in my life. Heck, I even ran a 1,000 miles in 10 months. That was after not running for 10.5 years based on my crazy beautiful health journey. Then the 2020 holiday season hit. And after years of not being able to enjoy the treats of the holidays, I indulged. The plant based lifestyle was put on hold. It was put on hold until this past week. After a year of being diagnosed with Covid and double pneumonia, it is time for me to jump back into the plant based lifestyle. Even after just one week back on a plant based diet I am feeling better.

No, I will not be the guy telling everyone they need to go vegan or 100% plant-based. This is a decision I am making for myself. I just know how much better I felt last year when I was living a plant based lifestyle. I do encourage everyone to eat and live well. ~OC

No Meat Athlete

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