I Did Not Lose My Miracle

On November 3, 2019, I experienced a beautiful creative healing miracle from God. I had been dealing with multiple life threatening health issues for almost 18 years. At the time of my miracle, I weighed 112 pounds, living off a feeding tube and unable to speak. On that cool night in November, I truly experienced a miracle.

On February 8, 2021, I was diagnosed with Covid and Covid pneumonia. I spent many days in the hospital and my body has never been the same. Then on September 15, 2022, I suffered a stroke. It has been a rough road.

What has hurt more than the health issues is receiving several phone calls and text asking me what I did to lose my miracle. Yes, I have received messages like this from well meaning Christians. Well, I am choosing to believe they are well meaning believers. I might need to rethink those messages.

Based on the scriptures I have studied and Bible Scholars I have spoken to, I did not do anything to lose my miracle. This is poor theology being pushed my many Christians.

I know God has some amazing plans for my life and this new adventure. I will hold onto those promises. ~OC

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